Monday, October 18, 2010

I made SUCH a mess.

I'm literally covered in eyeshadow.

I decided it would be a good idea to combine a few shadows. For example:

1. Supermurgatroid and Brazen and Bitter from Aromaleigh, and the orange with pink shimmer from Naked Cosmetics' "Harvest Moon" collection. It made the color a bit more multi-layered and rich, and I'm really happy with it.

2. Radioactive and Mayhem's Trilogy from Aromaleigh, and a pale metallic golden green, also from Naked's "Harvest Moon" set.

3. Aromaleigh's Ruthless Indulgence and a super-sparkly black from Naked's "Ebony" collection.

4. Aromaeigh's Jolie and a deep, very dark burgundy with subtle clear sparkle, also from Naked's "Ebony" set.

5. Aromaeigh's Splintered and a dark, blue-toned green, also from Naked's "Ebony" set.

6. Two shimmery turquoise shadows from Naked's "Tropical Indulgence" collection. They were so similar it was almost stupid not to.

7. Aromaeigh's Mourning's Whimsy and a bright fuschia with blue shimmer from Naked's "Tropical Indulgence" set.

8. A pale gold from Naked's "Desert Sunset" collection and a sheer white with gold shimmer from Naked's "Harvest Moon" set.

I bought most of my Naked Cosmetics a year ago at Premier Birmingham and I use them quite a bit. They're good stuff, you ought to check them out. Here.

I paid $165 for six shadow towers, six shades per tower. So I got 36 eyeshadows, a roll of brushes, shadow primer, a bottle of clear nail polish, and a little pink metal and lucite carrying case. Apparently it's worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $432, based on the site's pricing. I got a DEAL!

But in addition the the re-stocking I need to do with the Naked stuff, there's about $790 worth of various eyeshadows and lip products I've picked out online, and I've found out about a Smashbox set, put together with Florence Welch, that I want (because who DOESN'T always need more eyeliner and mascara? Plus, the blush is a nice color and the lipstick is red) and a new Urban Decay palette. I don't really need the UD set, but it's good to have that sort of thing around for travel. It's much easier than having a ton of loose shadows rattling around in your suitcase. I got the one they released last Christmas and I've really loved having it. Oh, and I need more brushes, too. For my professional kit.


Somebody hire me. Seriously. I need money. I can pay for all this stuff in about three months, four maybe, if I just have a paycheck coming in. And a ton of it is on the list of stuff I gave my mom for Christmas, so maybe that'll knock a few bucks off that number.

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