Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Aromaleigh Haul! (Pics coming when 2nd arrives!)

I ordered some of the new shadows that Aromaleigh had to offer:

From Wonderstruck: Pink Portent, Pool of Tears, and Curiouser and Curiouser!

From Spells: Expelliarmus

I also got a bunch of samples: pure rouge in Lily, and three shades (two of which I turned around and ordered full sizes of cos they were so pretty!) from the Valentine 09 collection: Bliss, Be Mine, and Intrigued.

Bliss, I just HAD to have another of because it's such a gorgeous color- highly metallic rose gold with blue sparkles- which is going to make my eyes look VERY blue. I got two to give one to a friend for her birthday. Intrigued is a dark antique gold with very subtle blue and green sparkles- not glitter, but tiny little sparks you have to really examine to see. Be Mine is a yellow-white that has a pinkish-orange shimmer.

The blush, Lily, is a bit too dark for me so I'll probably just pass it on to someone else. I'm neon-white, I have to wear VERY light colors if I use blush at all.

Will post looks and swatches later, after everything I've ordered comes in. Right now, I have errands to run. Later!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super-Fantastic Giveaway at Glitter is My Crack!

Two collections from Morgana Cryptoria and some really awesome jewelry made by the Moon Maiden herself (Victorian Zombie Cameos!) are up for grabs. You should totally check it out. (clicky-link!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will have stuff later this week!

I promise! I have new product coming from Aromaleigh, Meow Cosmetics, and Glamour Doll Eyes. I'm so excited!

If I'd had more than $50 to play with, I'd have gotten something from Shiro and Archetype as well, but oh well. Christmas is coming up, I should get some cash then. And hopefully I'll have a job soon and some walkin-around money!

I think I'll lie to my dad about going to look for another place to apply (I've almost exhausted everything I'm qualified for anyway) and do the stuff I've sketched out, and go put the pictures on a disc.


Monday, October 18, 2010

I made SUCH a mess.

I'm literally covered in eyeshadow.

I decided it would be a good idea to combine a few shadows. For example:

1. Supermurgatroid and Brazen and Bitter from Aromaleigh, and the orange with pink shimmer from Naked Cosmetics' "Harvest Moon" collection. It made the color a bit more multi-layered and rich, and I'm really happy with it.

2. Radioactive and Mayhem's Trilogy from Aromaleigh, and a pale metallic golden green, also from Naked's "Harvest Moon" set.

3. Aromaleigh's Ruthless Indulgence and a super-sparkly black from Naked's "Ebony" collection.

4. Aromaeigh's Jolie and a deep, very dark burgundy with subtle clear sparkle, also from Naked's "Ebony" set.

5. Aromaeigh's Splintered and a dark, blue-toned green, also from Naked's "Ebony" set.

6. Two shimmery turquoise shadows from Naked's "Tropical Indulgence" collection. They were so similar it was almost stupid not to.

7. Aromaeigh's Mourning's Whimsy and a bright fuschia with blue shimmer from Naked's "Tropical Indulgence" set.

8. A pale gold from Naked's "Desert Sunset" collection and a sheer white with gold shimmer from Naked's "Harvest Moon" set.

I bought most of my Naked Cosmetics a year ago at Premier Birmingham and I use them quite a bit. They're good stuff, you ought to check them out. Here.

I paid $165 for six shadow towers, six shades per tower. So I got 36 eyeshadows, a roll of brushes, shadow primer, a bottle of clear nail polish, and a little pink metal and lucite carrying case. Apparently it's worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $432, based on the site's pricing. I got a DEAL!

But in addition the the re-stocking I need to do with the Naked stuff, there's about $790 worth of various eyeshadows and lip products I've picked out online, and I've found out about a Smashbox set, put together with Florence Welch, that I want (because who DOESN'T always need more eyeliner and mascara? Plus, the blush is a nice color and the lipstick is red) and a new Urban Decay palette. I don't really need the UD set, but it's good to have that sort of thing around for travel. It's much easier than having a ton of loose shadows rattling around in your suitcase. I got the one they released last Christmas and I've really loved having it. Oh, and I need more brushes, too. For my professional kit.


Somebody hire me. Seriously. I need money. I can pay for all this stuff in about three months, four maybe, if I just have a paycheck coming in. And a ton of it is on the list of stuff I gave my mom for Christmas, so maybe that'll knock a few bucks off that number.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giveaway at Ciani's the Crow and the Powder Puff!

Lots of cool stuff up for grabs! Check it out!

God, I hate unemployment.

With all the new collections being released (Legends of Zelda, Alice in Wonderland, Greek mythology, and Harry Potter as inspiration!? SIGN ME UP!!!) and the shadows and etcetera I've found that I just want, I really could use an income soon before all this stuff is snatched up. Aromaleigh won't be open much longer, I really need to jump on that shit, right? and I've been just DYING to try Fyrinnae, everybody seems so crazy for it, along with a few others. Sugarpill looks AMAZING. I read about them in Gothic Beauty magazine and I checked out the website and the colors, you guys... The sparkles and the colors...

But hope is on the horizon! That final piece of paper I need to send in for my Florida cosmetology license should be here tomorrow or the next day, and I have an interview at Victoria's Secret tomorrow afternoon so everybody cross your fingers for me! I need all the luck I can get, because I pretty much have none.

My day started out pretty shitty, though. I got a call from Toys R Us while I was in the shower that basically told me not to bother them anymore because my application was rejected. Which I find so confusing, because I feel like since I graduated high school and I've held two retail jobs (which I won't pretend is impressive, but still) I probably could stock toys and run a register, right? So I was upset after hearing that voicemail. I went back to the job recruiting center and put in a couple of applications, picked up some junk food on my way home, and just crashed for while.

I did some sketches while I watched Sin City earlier, even coming up with a preliminary design for a Sin City-inspired look, all black, white and red. I WILL do some looks soon, I swear it, but I haven't been doing anything too complicated because it'll just smear off, even with primer- it's so hot in this house. It must be ninety degrees in my room, and I have a window open to let air in. But once the temperature goes down I'll just sit at home and do some looks because I have some great stuff lined up.

I know I keep saying that, but it's true! It's just been hard, trying to find a job and everything. I'll at the very least be able to get something done when my mom and my stepdad leave for New England next... Friday, I think it is. So look out, here some cool stuff comes! In a week or so!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, I've thought about it, and...

... I've finally come up with a solution for my ugly-ass hair FAIL I've got going on right now.

Let me begin by setting up why I'm in this position. I've developed an allergy to certain types of permanent hair color, so I got the bright idea to impulsively bleach out all the black dye and try to make my hair white. Since my hair is so coarse and I haven't had too many disasters in the past, I went ahead and slapped about ten pounds of TIGI Colour Lights bleach (with the blue toner) on my head over about three weeks. I got my hair to the color of butter, but it started splitting off so I decided to cover it with Manic Panic, a great shade of green called "Enchanted Forest". I had it that color for about two weeks and began to panic because that may have been keeping me from getting a job, so I lifted a small section in front (with the pink-red toner, to get rid of the green) and dyed the rest black. Like Sweeney Todd's hair. But now I have the lovely problem of black dye leaking onto the white sections so they're more like bluish-gray.

And to top it all off, I've got a huge section of hair on the TOP OF MY HEAD that's just... split off. It's only an inch and a half long. I ordered a $40 wig off the internet just in case I can't deal with it, but I think I have a solution.

A few simple steps will get me back on the right track:

1. I will wait until I have about 3/4 of an inch of new growth. Probably another month.
2. I'll go have finally have someone else do my hair.
3. The back and sides will be cut VERY short, and the top will be left as it is, maybe trimmed a little.
4. The short parts will be bleached to platinum (i.e. white, not hard since I'm a natural dirty blonde)
5. The top will be touched up and those God-awful white sections will be covered.
6. I will grow my hair out and keep this color scheme.

There. My hair grows very quickly so this time next year my hair will be at least two inches past my shoulders, with trims and everything. It's gonna suck not being able to get my hair done for free- a friend of mine used to do my color and cuts on slow nights at the salon she worked at. I just had to provide the color.

So hopefully by the time this is set in motion, that short section will LAY the fuck DOWN because I'm tired of having to pin it down so it doesn't stick 90 degrees off my skull.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, since I haven't had any time...

Here's a picture of me from a couple of years ago that I took to document my wicked-awesome green hair and the makeup I had on that day.

The pink cream eyeshadow is Morbid Cosmetics, and the glitter is neon-pink body glitter.

And it's kind of hard to tell, but Melissa and I both had glittery eyeliner on. This was Premier Birmingham 2008.

Mine was a gorgeous silvery blue-green, and hers was light pink. Courtesy of the Eye Candy stall. Of course, the $25 kits they were hocking (a tiny <less than 1g> pot of glitter, a tiny bottle of their Sugar Sealant, and a little brush) were NOT WORTH THE MONEY. And now that new Hard Candy line at Wal-Mart has the same-quality stuff, twice the amount, for $10 altogether. Guess which one I'd go for first.

More to come later! I promise!