Thursday, October 14, 2010

God, I hate unemployment.

With all the new collections being released (Legends of Zelda, Alice in Wonderland, Greek mythology, and Harry Potter as inspiration!? SIGN ME UP!!!) and the shadows and etcetera I've found that I just want, I really could use an income soon before all this stuff is snatched up. Aromaleigh won't be open much longer, I really need to jump on that shit, right? and I've been just DYING to try Fyrinnae, everybody seems so crazy for it, along with a few others. Sugarpill looks AMAZING. I read about them in Gothic Beauty magazine and I checked out the website and the colors, you guys... The sparkles and the colors...

But hope is on the horizon! That final piece of paper I need to send in for my Florida cosmetology license should be here tomorrow or the next day, and I have an interview at Victoria's Secret tomorrow afternoon so everybody cross your fingers for me! I need all the luck I can get, because I pretty much have none.

My day started out pretty shitty, though. I got a call from Toys R Us while I was in the shower that basically told me not to bother them anymore because my application was rejected. Which I find so confusing, because I feel like since I graduated high school and I've held two retail jobs (which I won't pretend is impressive, but still) I probably could stock toys and run a register, right? So I was upset after hearing that voicemail. I went back to the job recruiting center and put in a couple of applications, picked up some junk food on my way home, and just crashed for while.

I did some sketches while I watched Sin City earlier, even coming up with a preliminary design for a Sin City-inspired look, all black, white and red. I WILL do some looks soon, I swear it, but I haven't been doing anything too complicated because it'll just smear off, even with primer- it's so hot in this house. It must be ninety degrees in my room, and I have a window open to let air in. But once the temperature goes down I'll just sit at home and do some looks because I have some great stuff lined up.

I know I keep saying that, but it's true! It's just been hard, trying to find a job and everything. I'll at the very least be able to get something done when my mom and my stepdad leave for New England next... Friday, I think it is. So look out, here some cool stuff comes! In a week or so!

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