Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Aromaleigh Haul! (Pics coming when 2nd arrives!)

I ordered some of the new shadows that Aromaleigh had to offer:

From Wonderstruck: Pink Portent, Pool of Tears, and Curiouser and Curiouser!

From Spells: Expelliarmus

I also got a bunch of samples: pure rouge in Lily, and three shades (two of which I turned around and ordered full sizes of cos they were so pretty!) from the Valentine 09 collection: Bliss, Be Mine, and Intrigued.

Bliss, I just HAD to have another of because it's such a gorgeous color- highly metallic rose gold with blue sparkles- which is going to make my eyes look VERY blue. I got two to give one to a friend for her birthday. Intrigued is a dark antique gold with very subtle blue and green sparkles- not glitter, but tiny little sparks you have to really examine to see. Be Mine is a yellow-white that has a pinkish-orange shimmer.

The blush, Lily, is a bit too dark for me so I'll probably just pass it on to someone else. I'm neon-white, I have to wear VERY light colors if I use blush at all.

Will post looks and swatches later, after everything I've ordered comes in. Right now, I have errands to run. Later!

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