Friday, November 5, 2010

First look post! "State of Emergency"

DISCLAIMER: I know these are messy. I can't wear my glasses while I'm putting makeup on and I have astigmatism. So everything's a bit lopsided. Plus, my eyes have been running off and on for days and something about my eye makeup remover makes my eyes water even more, so while I did a couple of these applications my eyes were all runny and everything so... Bear with me.

This first one was inspired by Bjork's album Homogenic, so it was all silvers and warm blues and deep, bloody reds. Here we go!


Aromaleigh- Pool of Tears (inner lid), Bleeding Poppy (outer lid), and Jolie (outer corner, outer lower lid) (mixed with a dark burnt red with clear sparkles by Naked Cosmetics)
MicaBella- Daydream (That amazing red-orange frost on my browbone)
Wet N' Wild- dark silver liquid liner
Maybelline- Colossal Volume Express waterproof mascara


L'Oreal- True Match compact foundation (the lightest neutral available- the warm was yellow and the fair was too pink)


Revlon Midnight Swirl lipgloss, Sassy Sangria

 And yes, that IS a wig.


  1. Seriously, mad diva. You're sporting the hair-over-eye look like you own it. :)

  2. That's just the way the wig falls. It's by Manic Panic, one of their "Tramp" wigs. Not bad for $38, either.