Thursday, September 9, 2010

A few of my favorite things!

I thought to get things rolling I would post about some brands I've tried, what I've got, and what I like about all of them, along with some lines I'd like to try.

1. MAC

I know, I know, everybody and her grandma has at least one MAC thing they Can't Live Without, but I've fallen so in love with the few things I have that I actually want to work for this company. I'm trying to put together a portfolio to give them along with my resume. I have three eyeshadows: Beauty Marked, a brownish coal black with red sparkles, Idol Eyes, a silver with gold and violet shimmer, and, my favorite, Creme de Violet, a bright pinkish violet with gold sparkles. I also have Cyber, an extremely deep purple lipstick, and two Super Dazzleglass lip glosses in Cherry Electric, a bright pink with multicolored sparkles, and Fab Frenzy, a deep purple with multicolored sparkles. I haven't worn Cyber or Fab Frenzy yet, since they're not really good colors for summer and I bought them in June, but everything else I've worn with pride and I've been very happy with them.

Edit: I just bought the Viva Glam lipstick in Gaga and I LOVE it! It's such a pretty pink and it looks nice with my skin. I also got to look at the Fabulous Felines collection and saw a Dazzle lipstick that I liked (it was clear-ish and had iridescent glitter), and I'm signed up for a little Villainous Vixens demo!

2. Urban Decay

I'm a huge Urban Decay fan. The color payoff is always so great and they have some amazing products. My favorite thing is probably the Deluxe Eyeshadow in Graffiti- green is my favorite color next to black so you'll see a lot of it. Just a warning. Anyway, I've used their shadow primer and it was good, but the wand would get sort of grayish after a while (I don't always manage to get all my makeup off, but mostly what gets left is eyeliner and mascara smudges). The pallete, complete with a mini tube of primer and two half-sized eyeliner pencils, that I bought around Christmas was great to have- if I'm just going somewhere for one night (don't get any ideas), I'll just bring that, along with mascara, eyeliner, and a couple different kinds of lip things. Convenience is awesome.

3. Too Faced

I'll admit, I haven't used too much of this. The first time I ever tried it, I was in Birmingham with a friend for the hair show a year ago. She had their Glamour Revolution pallete and when we checked in, I took a shower and asked if she'd let me try on some of the colors because I was in love with it but I didn't have any money- I was unemployed and don't have a rich family like her. So she hands me the box, and I tried (and, eventually, bought) Label Whore, brown with blue and green shimmer and iridescent sparkles, with Neptune, shimmery bright teal, on top of it. I can't remember what I used on my brow bone, but it was a shimmery nude. Looked great with my Led Zeppelin shirt.

Since then, I've also tried their eyeshadow primer, which I love. I don't put on eyeshadow without it. It gives you a bit more control because it's in a squeeze tube and you can just spread it on your eyelids. I plan on trying more things later on- I almost bought some Lava Liner but didn't have $18 to spend (hooray, unemployment!) so I bought some at Target instead.

4. Mica Bella

For those who don't know, mostly these guys sell out of kiosks in the mall. I've bought four shadows- Daydream, my favorite, a sheer white with red, gold, pink, and orange shimmer, Royal, a deep, intense blue with purple shimmer, Patience, a plum with pinkish-purple and gold shimmer, and Indulgence, a super-sparkly silver. I also, at one time, had their foundation, but it was WAY too dark, even being their lightest shade, and their blush. So I passed those on to someone who could wear them and kept the eyeshadows.


Too expensive to buy all that often, but GORGEOUS. I have their Angel Heart blush and highlighter set, because it's light and I'm pale so I don't look like I got shot in the face with a paint gun when I wear it, their Rated R (chartreuse with gold shimmer and indigo with light blue shimmer) shadow set, and the Tropic (teal with intense, chunky sparkle) single. I've tried more in stores, but haven't been able to pony up the cash.

6. Stila

I have their Flashlight foundation, because it's the only thing Sephora had pale enough for me that didn't cost like $50. I also tried their Jewel Lip Glaze collection and the coordinating eyeshadow, and may try to coerce my mom into getting it for me as a Christmas present.

7. Naked

I first bought a set (Harvest Moon) at Premiere Birmingham 2008, and I loved it. I mostly got it because $15 for six colors is pretty great when it costs $50 on the website, and I didn't have any muted (sort of) greens, but there also was a bright copper with pink shimmer, sheer white with gold shimmer, and bright gold with bright green shimmer.

The next year, I bought SIX sets for my kit (about 80% is now in my personal collection). I also got a set of fifteen brushes in a roll-up, shadow primer, clear nail polish, and a pink lucite and metal case with a mirror inside. Well worth the money- the color payoff is great and it's lasting forever. I would certainly buy again, and I plan to.

8. Aromaleigh

I came to this brand late, and it's a shame that they're going out of business because I LOVE all the stuff I ordered. Most of it came from their Victoria's Revenge collection- Ruthless Indulgence, my favorite, a brownish-coal with silvery-pink and copper sparkles, Mayhem's Trilogy, green with green and platinum (not quite silver and not quite gold) sparkle, the perfect zombie green, Mourning's Whimsy, a neon purple with blue sparkles, Frigid Gloom, a beautiful sky blue with pink and silver sparkles, Oleander Vapor, a pale, mauve-ish pink with pink and purple sparkles, Bleeding Poppy, a dark, bloody red with green, blue, and silver sparkles, Apocalypse Pansy, basically the same as Bleeding Poppy but a deep plum, Brazen and Bitter, a pinkish-orange with pink, orange, green, and gold sparkles, and Splintered, a dark, silvery forest green with green and silver sparkles. I also ordered two of their Goth Lolita collection- Aqua Nightmare, a vibrant turquoise with blue sparkles, and Strawberry Despair, a muted, reddish, dusky pink with shimmer and faint pink sparkles. I have two shades from their Bete Noire collection- Jolie, a cool, dusky red with tons of sparkle that pairs well with Beauty Marked by MAC, and Darcelle, a golden olive with lots of blue and green sparkle. I wasn't as in love with their Retro-Futuristic matte shadows I got samples of, Radioactive, a cool, bright green, and Supermurgatroid, a bright orange, because the color payoff wasn't as good. But they're still lovely.

I know I wrote a novel, here, and there's a lot more makeup I haven't gotten to yet that I want very much to try, but there you go!

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